9 Tips for the New DA Leader – Tony Leon

Former DA leader Tony Leon made his first speech to a DA congress since stepping down from the leadership eight years ago. He had a few tips for the new leader:

1. He must adapt tactics and change strategies where necessary to grow the DA further; reach out and help more people.

2. He must honour the past but not live in it.

3. He must convince with the power of his conviction.

4. He must tell the truth, that nationalisms divide and exclude and fail.

5. He must hoist the Nelson Mandela banner of a non-racial rainbow nation.

6. He must rebuild that constitutional bridge.

7. He must live as Helen Zille has led: public office is a place of principled achievement, not a perch to acquire wealth or a hideout for criminal misbehaviour.

8. He must speak to the great possibilities for all our futures, not appeal to the sum of all our fears.

9. He must offer the prospects of a brighter tomorrow, not the failed message of a better yesterday.

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