4 Steps To Giving Great Feedback – Sam Harrop

One of the things I have found in working with hundreds of business owners and managers is that most people do not give their team good feedback.

The challenge is most people do not know how to give good feedback and this almost always results in people performing way below their potential and not achieving results, causing stress and frustration.

Giving someone good feedback on their performance is one of the best ways of improving their productivity, how they feel about themselves and ultimately the results they achieve.

Here is a model you can use for giving great feedback.

The Four Steps To Giving Great Feedback:

  1. Ask permission: You need to make sure that this is a good time and that the person is receptive to receiving feedback.  You can ask a question along the lines of …. “Can I share something with you?” or “Do you have a moment?” If their answer is “no” you need to find out when would be a good time or set a time in the near future.
  2. Describe the behaviour:It is important that you describe their behaviour. A good way to start is….. “When you…………”
  3. Describe the outcome in terms of tangible results: Here’s what happens.
  4. If it’s good behaviour thank them:Thank you keep it up.

OR – If they have done something that has not met expectations…

Ask them to find a solution:“What can you do differently next time?”………….. Then say nothing and wait for their response.  This is critical.  We’re letting them know that they own and are responsible for their behaviour.

My advice is when using this model you need to give at least three “positive feedbacks” before giving some “Adjusting Feedback”.

Oh, by the way, this week focus on catching people doing things right.

You will be surprised at what happens and how much gets done!

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