6 Tips for Going from a Red-Eye to a Meeting

It’s called a red-eye for a reason: the overnight flight is notoriously tough for anyone hoping to make it from Point A to Point B well-rested. Here are some tips on relaxing in transit and arriving at your destination polished, pulled together and ready to go.

6 Tips for Making it from a Red-Eye to a Meeting

1. Pick the right red-eye

If your flight is direct, you can do this, no problem. Avoid an overnight connection at all costs. Book a window seat—its benefits are twofold: you can lean against the glass and you won’t be crawled on by seatmates mid-flight.

2. Have a bedtime routine

Brush your teeth, slip into a thick pair of socks, cocoon yourself into a blanket scarf and lower the eye mask. This will trick your body into thinking you’re at home. Add a pair of cushioned noise-cancelling headphones, but I don’t bother to plug them in.

3. Don’t stress about sleep

Yes, it’s ideal, but it’s not essential. One all-nighter won’t kill you. The more pressure you put on yourself to fall asleep, already!, the less likely it is that it’s going to happen. Take melatonin drops before you board, then breathe deeply and let them do their thing.

4. Dress the part

Fly in something soft and cozy and keep what you are wearing to work the next day packed in my carry-on. When you land, change clothes and it’s like a mental reset: new outfit, new day.

5. Make the most of the car ride in

Grab a coffee and a giant bottle of water in the terminal before leaving the airport. Once loaded into your taxi and heading into the city, use Skyn Iceland’s Cool Firming Eye Gels to reduce puffiness and wake up.

6. Take advantage of the hospitality suite

If you have the time, drop off your luggage at your hotel and see if a hospitality suite is available. If the hotel isn’t fully occupied, you may be able to shower and freshen up in an available suite. Alternately, ask about using the spa facilities (or locker room!), depending on what time it is.

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