5 Marketing Tips ….. – Bridgette (Sweetpepper Design)

44It’s the end of the year and you deserve a break. You’ve worked hard for the last two hundred odd days – endless meetings, tight deadlines, early mornings and late nights.

So to make life a bit easier next year I’ve put together 5 tips on how to get the most from your marketing plan. And as an early Christmas present I’ve put these tips into an inspirational poster that you can print and put up as a reminder (and as decoration of course!).

(Don’t worry about doing these now. Choose a date early next year when you are fresh and relaxed, maybe the first Friday you are back at work in 2014, but definitely put it in your diary today.)

TIP 1: Focus

‘How can you pick a road to somewhere when you don’t know where you are going?’ Brainstorm what your main marketing focus will be for 2014 and what you’re aiming to achieve.

TIP 2: Take a look back

Before you decide how you’ll achieve your aim, take a look at what worked in the last three years. Your time is too precious to waste doing something that doesn’t get you the results. Here’s another saying I’m sure you’ve heard before, but just to make my point.
‘Insanity is doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results.’

TIP 3: Work with your strengths

Select the marketing activities that your business is best at. Trying to be everywhere, doing everything, for everyone at once will dilute the effectiveness of your marketing.

It has been said that for people to remember your brand they need to be exposed to it FIVE times. That doesn’t equal actually using your products or services, it just means they have ‘noticed’ your brand. And if it takes FIVE times wouldn’t you want to use your strongest marketing tools to make the best impression?

TIP 4: Set effective targets

Setting targets is good – there is no better feeling than putting a tick next to an achievement – so write them down, set reminders and remember to assign responsibility too.

The key to an effective target is to have a measure of success to go with it. So you attended those 4 networking events, great! But how many leads or positive relationships have you developed from them? Knowing your measure of success will make it easier to identify your strengths and next year this time you will know exactly which marketing activities to pick for 2015.

TIP 5: Work smarter, not harder

Be original because people remember original. Make at least one of your marketing activities slightly different. Give it a go, and see what happens. You might be surprised, and on the plus side it’ll be more interesting to plan and implement.

Most importantly, schedule a time to brainstorm your 2014 marketing plan because you will never have a ‘spare moment’ in your diary to do it!

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