20 Reasons to feel good about 2015 – Dr Roelof Botha

download (4)Despite well-publicised obstacles to higher economic growth, especially in the areas of labour unrest, public sector inefficiencies, decaying infrastructure & over-regulation of business, an impressive array of indicators point to sound prospects for economic revival in 2015.
They include fiscal & monetary stability, progress with the implementation of the National Development Plan (NDP), European economic recovery and record inflows of foreign direct investment.
Dr Roelof Botha has identified 20 quantifiable reasons to believe that 2015 will witness stronger growth in production & employment, which will stand in sharp contrast to this year, when trade union intransigence prevented the economy from realising its potential.
These ʺ20 reasonsʺ will hopefully rekindle the belief that South Africa will soon return to a higher and sustained growth path and that the future is fairly bright!

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