2 minutes with Conference Speaker Rob Caskie

Rob CaskieWho am I & what are my areas of expertise?

As a master storyteller I share human stories which engage audiences and challenge the way they interact, work and lead their lives.  My stories are essentially about human beings in extremis, and their behaviour when ‘the chips are down’.  Like tea bags, human beings only reveal their true strength in hot water. Epics of human struggle and triumphs of the human spirit create fantastic canvasses by which modern situations may be measured.  Specialising in South African history, early Antarctic exploration and the Sudan campaign, the lessons which emerge from these great stories well-told are utterly appropriate today.

Why are my presentations of interest or relevance to your audience?

Human stories and triumphs of the human spirit never lose their appeal. My presentations resonate in the minds of the listener and relate thought-provoking lessons relevant to your business or event.  I specialise in telling powerful stories and entertaining audiences in the theatre of their own imagination, sans PowerPoint.  “When the lights trip, Rob does not”.

Am I the first in my field; the only person in my field, or one of many?

I am the only person in my field specialising in this genre of storytelling.

Positioning your business precisely into my materials

My stories, which can weave your theme into their content, are a great way to open or close an event.  Being multi-cultural they are utterly appropriate for all audiences – they are essentially human stories.

Why use me, and when should you do so?

In any situation where something significantly different, compelling, thought-provoking and memorable is required.  As human beings we have grown up with story-telling, yet with the entertainment options available today, this ancient art is being lost.  Audiences love being swept up in a great story and entertained in the theatre of the mind.  Storytelling may seem like an old-fashioned tool, today – and it is. That’s exactly what makes it so powerful. Life happens in the narratives we tell one another. A story can go where quantitative analysis is denied admission: our hearts. Data can persuade people, but it doesn’t inspire them to act; to do that, you need to wrap your vision in a story that fires the imagination and stirs the soul. When you want to motivate, persuade, or be remembered, start with a story of human struggle and eventual triumph. It will capture people’s hearts – by first attracting their brains.

Allow me, with my stick and trademark shorts, the opportunity of revitalising your audience with a human story well-told.

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