11 Powerful Motivational Thoughts for you!

Motivational Thought #1: Your Goals, the Doubters, the Reality

When it comes to your greatest goals, if anyone tells you that you shouldn’t, that you couldn’t, remember that all they are really saying is that they don’t believe they could. Never let the doubters drag you down.

If in those quiet times you can see the goal in your mind’s eye, if you can feel the joy of it throughout your being, then it is already yours, and it is now just a matter of working through the emotional barriers like fear, impatience, worry, and guilt to bring your goals, your reality, to light.

Motivational Thought #2: The Greatest Form of Strength

Love yourself by slowing down for a few moments and visualise this:  what if, no matter what anyone else said or did, you responded with kindness?  See it, feel it. If you were kind no matter what, are your fears that some people would walk all over you really justified?

Remember, kindness is not synonymous with giving up or giving in. You can stand your ground and be kind at the same time, and in fact achieve far more in doing so. Kindness is not a weakness, it is the greatest form of strength. Do your best to try it, and watch the difference it makes.

Motivational Thought #3: How Do You Treat Yourself?

Listen for twenty minutes, two hours, or a day to how you treat yourself. Listen to the things you say to yourself, the things you expect of yourself, and how you respond to yourself when you don’t achieve them. Do you act like that and talk like that and expect like that to anyone else you love – your children, your parents, your spouse, your best friend?

Stop being so mean to you. You are a good person worthy of your love, respect, understanding, and forgiveness. Treat yourself as you would like to be treated by others.

Motivational Thought #4: Ha!



Here is one of the wisest and noblest goals worthy of your highest priority and your energy that will enable your potential, your You, to burst forth: commit to laughing more.

Pre-schoolers laugh on average 300 times per day. Adults on average just 17 times per day. But nothing got any less funny since you were in pre-school, if you look at it the right way. Indeed, things only got funnier!

Create an abundance of laughter experiences in your life. Watch funny movies, hang out with funny people, read funny motivational quotes, listen to comedians in your car, make stupid faces at yourself in the mirror. Nothing could be healthier.

Motivational Thought #5: This Baby is a Jerk

Have you ever looked at a newborn baby and thought, “This baby is such a major jerk?” Of course not. Babies, along with many of those on the brink of death, are the human beings closest to the good and perfect spirit at the core of all of us.

Whenever it feels like someone’s words or actions are irritating or harming you, if you ever feel disgust or hatred for another, try to open your eyes wider to see them as the newborn they still are. The rust and crust of years and decades of unrecognized and unresolved emotions may have layered upon that newborn, making him or her confused, annoying, mean, or malicious, but always try to see the newborn and the good in everyone.

This is no excuse to enable their words or actions if indeed they are offensive or destructive, nor an excuse for you not to work toward positively countering their words or actions if that is what you know you must do.

But first, it will help you make sure you aren’t giving their words and actions more power over your heart, your mind, and your actions than they deserve. Second, it will help you keep seeing people and the world for what they are, which is flawed in their transitory sense, but beautiful and perfect in their essence.

This will make all the difference in how you act, versus react, in this world.

Motivational Thought #6: What If I Switched You?

If I could take your consciousness, and the things you currently spend your energy on doing, and the way you currently think and respond to things, and drop that you into any other living human being, do you really believe you would be any more or less happy in their body and circumstances than you are in your own?

Consider that deeply. What does it mean?

Motivational Thought #7: So You Wanna Be Rich?

Aside from those who are so desperately poor that they may be hungry every day and have no roof over their head, there is no correlation between wealth and happiness. Studies confirm this – lottery winners who end up far more miserable after winning than before have become a cliché.

Slow down and take the time to become aware of yourself, and therefore of your real goals. Know what you are willing to spend your real most precious resource  – your energy on.

Will you spend it chasing after external illusions of change and comfort like money, friends, and mansions, only to be exponentially frustrated if and when you get them but feel no greater (and likely less) peace and joy for it? Or will you spend it on building your wisdom and clearing through the emotional barriers like fear, anger, and guilt that are the only thing preventing you from recognizing and doing what you are meant to, from meeting who you are meant to meet, and from allowing what is meant to come into your world to come in … so that you can experience the wealth of peace and happiness already inside you?

Motivational Thought #8: Let the World Open to You

You don’t lack anything. The more you struggle against this truth, the more people and the world seem to close to you and the more miserable you feel. The more aware of this truth you strive to become, the more the wealth of people and the world opens to you.

Motivational Thought #9: You

You are a miracle. This life is remarkable, and you have remarkable gifts inside you – various forms of beautiful brilliance – to give to other lives.

Motivational Thought #10: You, Continued

You are amazing.

Motivational Thought #11: From Me to You

Always remember that you are loved.


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