10 Questions Great Event Profs ask Every Day!

Do you ask yourself questions? It doesn’t make you mad (unless you’re doing it out loud maybe!); it means you’re always examining your actions, looking for the best way to do things and generally being conscientious.

Asking yourself questions – rather than waiting for someone else to ask you them – allows you to be your own regulator, your own boss and keeps you learning every day.

It’s the best way to facilitate self-development and ensure your career keeps progressing. The best Event Profs already know this. Here are 10 of the questions they ask themselves every day…

  1. How can I do this differently?

Great event organisers are always looking to innovate. Doing something how it’s always been done or the way everybody else does it not the way they operate. They’re all about pushing the boundaries, seeking to deliver events with a difference, as well as making sure they’re organised in the most efficient way possible. Of course, they make use of the latest technologies to help them do this.

  1. Why not?

An innovative Events Prof won’t always accept ‘no’ for an answer. If they’ve got a great idea they’ll fight to see it to fruition. They’re not afraid to challenge the status quo and push the people around them to think creatively in order to achieve their vision.

  1. Is it realistic?

Although the most successful organisers sometimes have their heads in the clouds, they also have their feet rooted firmly to the ground. They will not waste time and money pursuing something unless they’re pretty certain it’s going to work. They possess shrewd business brains and always have a firm handle on the economics.

  1. Will attendees love this?

The best event planners always put themselves in the shoes of their attendees and plan the content around them. This involves getting to know their customers really well, and consulting with them to understand their needs and wants. They aim to not merely satisfy their attendees but to surprise and delight them – each and every year.

  1. Am I getting the best deal?

As well as being creatives, event planners are business people. They can drive a hard bargain and always shop around. They’ll pay close attention when negotiating contracts and ensure terms are favourable. Great event planners keep a close eye on the budget and will always hold a little in reserve in case of emergency.

  1. Where are the weak points?

The best Event profs – even the very experienced ones – are never complacent. They’re always looking for areas that could be improved upon and attempting to foresee any potential issues. They also recognise their own weak points and work to address these. They’re not too proud to delegate a task when they know a colleague could do it better.

  1. What would happen if…?

Successful event organisers always have a plan B. They will have carried out due diligence, health and safety and risk assessments and thought about strategies for managing possible scenarios. Bad weather won’t catch an experienced planner by surprise – they’ll already have branded umbrellas, plastic ponchos and a backup undercover venue arranged! Smooth-running, hiccup-free events don’t happen by accident!

  1. Am I spending my energies in the right place?

It’s easy to get bogged down with time-consuming tasks that aren’t really that productive. A good event planner regularly takes a step back to analyse their use of time and effort. They work as part of a team and don’t try to do everything themselves, so if something can be delegated, they’ll delegate it – and leave that person to get on with it, rather than micromanaging. 

  1. Am I being true to my company’s brand values?

Companies put brand values and mission statements in place to provide a set of ethics by which to do business. They’re what sets a business apart, gives it is character and is a big part of why your customers choose you. Great Event Profs are always clear on their brand values and don’t just pay lip service to them – they’re integral to what they do on a daily basis.

  1. What could I/we have done better?

As well as celebrating with their team on a job well done, at the end of any event, great planners take time to reflect on their performance. Did everything go as well as expected? If it was successful, are there ways it could be even more successful? What feedback did attendees give? Great event organisers always listen to other people’s point of view, take criticism constructively and always, always seek to do it better next time!


If you want to excel in your career, try becoming your own mentor. Ask yourself the tough questions and reflect on your work every day. Recognise what you did well, as well as any things you could have handled better. Nurture yourself and don’t be afraid to seek help when you need it.

This article was published by Tiffany Functions who may be contacted on 010 222 0657

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