Vivek WadheraVivek Wadhera is a Cultural & Leadership Disruptor and is passionate about re-imagining how leaders can use cultural insights and diversity to lead their organizations and grow their bottom line.

He believes that being a cultural “outsider” could be the best thing that could happen to an individual or group of people.

This arises out of his conviction that gaps between cultural groups (ingroup vs. outgroup members) can be used to create products, services, and solutions that can be disruptively innovative, all whilst preserving the identities of diverse cultural groups.


To this end, Vivek Wadhera does talks, writes, conducts workshops, and consults to organizations and individuals across the corporate, government, and NGO/nonprofit spaces.

Earned his Stripes

Global thinking with local implications

  • Experience covering 20 countries & 4 continents.
  • 14 years experience in the USA.
  • Deep expertise in African, Western & Indian business cultures.

Seasoned corporate executive

  • COO at JSE-listed Choppies Supermarkets, a
    ZAR 10 Billion corporate, by age 34.
  • Management in 2 US Fortune 500 firms:
    Harley-Davidson & Micron.
  • Entrepreneur in 2 African technology start-ups.

An MBA & engineer straddling social & business imperatives

  • MBA from Kellogg, Top 5 US business school.
  • Board Member, Idaho Foodbank, USA, by age 22.

Vivek Whadera recently left the position of COO at JSE-listed Choppies Supermarkets (a ZAR ~12 Billion retail corporate) to pursue a passion for thought leadership & speaking in what he calls Cultural Disruption—leveraging cultural diversity to lead, innovate, and grow organizational bottom lines

Vivek Wadhera obtained his MBA from Kellogg, USA, one of the world’s leading business schools.

In South Africa a cultural war is waging and intensifying. The belligerents in this cultural war can be described as Western, reductionist culture and African, holistic culture.

Left unchecked, the friction between these cultural groups is poised to only increase uncertainty and shake up the status quo across social, economic, and political domains, amongst others.

Prior experience includes running 2 technology startups in SA & working for 2 Fortune 500 corporate companies in the US, including Harley-Davidson

Vivek Wadhera

Vivek Wadhera - Keynote talks/facilitation:

  1. “Retail Culture Disruption: Leading Change in SA’s Retail landscape”--How executives can navigate economic/technological disruption in the culture of retail
  2. “Create with Cultural Diversity: Lead, Innovate & Disrupt with Design Thinking”--Design & Cultural Insights for a more user- centric approach to lead organizations & develop products/services
  3. “The Economics of Culture: how being a cultural outsider could be the best thing that ever happened to you”--Motivational talk to individuals/groups who feel like outsiders to the cultural “norm”
  4. “Real Radical Economic Transformation: there’s another path to RET”--An alternative culture of technology & economics for more equitable creation & distribution of capital in SA
  5. “Strategy ‘Fortune 200-style’: Business Planning informed by 10 years in US Fortune 200 corporate culture”--Facilitation Workshop

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