Dr Michael Mol – Health Wellness Speaker

//Dr Michael Mol – Health Wellness Speaker

Dr Michael Mol – Health Wellness Speaker

Dr Michael Mol – Health Wellness Speaker didn’t go for career counseling, which could explain why he’s a medical doctor. An executive TV producer & presenter, an international speaker, business consultant and a founding director of a multi-national company called Hello Doctor, now available through Conference Speakers.
His twitter profile sheds more light:
“A husband to one, father to three, friend to few, a stranger to many… but not to God.”


Dr Michael Mol - Health Wellness Speaker

Dr Michael Mol – Health Wellness Speaker

Dr Michael Mol – Health Wellness Speaker

A trauma doctor turned TV personality with a Mr. South Africa title in the mix, Dr Michael Mol – Health Wellness Speaker traded the casualty room for the small screen and anchored Top Billing, South Africa’s longest running prime time television magazine show, for more than a decade, scooping up several critically acclaimed awards along the way.
Michael’s passion for discerning what makes people tick led him to co-founding TomorrowToday – helping organizations navigate the ‘New World of Work’ followed by The Revolution Group – helping people unearth what they were born to do through discovering their innate strengths.
He has spoken to companies around the world and has been recognized as one of the SA’s top business speakers with a Hall of Fame distinction.

Business aside, in 2010, Michael launched SABC 3’s live morning show Expresso, as anchor presenter.
Then as Executive Producer and presenter he melded his passion for medicine and media and produced two new TV series: “Hello Doctor” and “The Dr. Mol Show” with a vision to educate, entertain and inspire people to live their best life, by being the healthiest they can be.
Watched by over a million people weekly, the show was part of a bigger vision to give every South African access to personal, affordable and quality healthcare through access to doctors via their mobile phones. Follow CSI on Twitter

Dr Michael Mol – Health Wellness Speaker

Do you have the opportunity to do what you do best every day?

Chances are, you don’t. All too often, our natural talents go untapped.

From the cradle to the cubicle, we devote more time to fixing our shortcomings than to developing our strengths, and that’s not clever.

Your unique mix of talents and passions are not merely what set you apart – they define your lasting success and your ability to be the best at what you do.

Play to your strengths and you will succeed… that’s a no-brainer. Yet despite that compelling fact, most of us don’t to live our lives this way, instead we choose to ignore our strengths and focus on our improving our weaknesses – concentrating on what’s wrong with us as opposed to what’s right with us.

As proof of the fact, the Gallup Organization polled 1.7 million employees in 63 countries across all industries and discovered that only 15% of people get to do what they do best every day. Less than 2 out of 10! That’s mind bogglingly low, and it begs the question:

“Are you one of the two out of ten? And if you aren’t, how do you get to be?” It’s a question every manager must ask of themselves and the team they lead.

Questions are important, but what about the Answer? It comes in 3 parts …

1. The online Strengths-finder assessment is the first step in identifying your unique talent themes. Each individual that completes the assessment will be presented with his or her top 5 Talents.

2. A Keynote presentation will introduce the concept of Playing to your Strengths to the team – and give insight into what makes each individual stand out and succeed.

3. Strengths Coaching: One on one coaching on how to leverage your strengths so that the best of you, becomes the most of you, or a team dynamics session on building high performance teams, based on the individual strengths of team players.

Everyone has strengths, no one is strength-less. You were born unique and no-one has the same configuration of strengths that you do.

You’ll make your greatest contribution in life, be at your most creative, passionate, fulfilled and effective – when you are playing to your strengths.

And when you do – everybody wins. You, your family, your colleagues and customers! But it doesn’t matter what we believe – it matters what you believe, and that’s why we’ve brought this revolution to Africa!

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