Liezel van der Westhuizen already a household name after an impressive stint on MNET Idols, Liezel is currently taking the South African entertainment scene by storm.

The relaxed smile, smooth and professional working manner and impeccable style has made Liezel van der Westhuizen one of the most sought-after presenters and emcees in the country. Coupled with a drive for success and an incredible work ethic in everything she does, it is no wonder the sky is the limit for this talent.

As only the second woman in the world to present Idols, Liezel van der Westhuizen has become the familiar face on the popular reality show in season five and six, and continues to impress with her current task of presenting SABC3’s new daily breakfast show – Expresso – as well as her weekly radio show – the Sunday Sundowner – on 94.5KFM in Cape Town.


Liezel van der Westhuizen

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Beating the Bully

You know your own voice. You worked hard to get it and you know how to use it… Until you meet The Office Bully at the dreaded Big Monday Meeting… You've prepared your notes and your ideas are good, very good, but still your stomach is knotted up. The Office Bully loves to spread rumours and to humiliate you in front of your colleagues. Once the Office Bully sits down, you shrivel into a nodding-fake smile-coffee slurping mess, carefully checking your watch. The bullying does not end at the meeting. Back in the office the bully will stalk you, call you names and try to derail your work. It's finally home time. You sob uncontrollably in your car, desperate for a safe place.

In this talk, renowned speaker Liezel van der Westhuizen, will help you find your voice again, show you how to beat the bully and get the recognition and raise that you deserve. Employers will benefit too as bullying causes high staff turnover and low morale leading to lower quality work.

From School to Office: The bully is not restricted to the schoolyard but also enjoys roaming the office corridors. Busting the myth that all bullies grow up. Where do they come from?

The Making of the Office Bully The Office Bully is a genius: it's all smoke and mirrors... from a great fake relationship with the boss, knowing the minimal amount to be done to get away with it and thriving on your pain. But inside the bully lives a very insecure person taking it out on you.

Recognise and Prevent it. How to spot the bully and remove yourself as target. Finding your own confidence and getting your voice back. It seems like extreme sports but if you really like the company and/or the cause you are working for, you must find a way to make it work. Liezel van der Westhuizen will show you how to unleash your inner power and beat the bully!

Find Your Inner Strength

Imagine, a 3.8km swim, a 180km cycle and running 42.2km in one day! The Ironman, the ultimate one day endurance race. Liezel van der Westhuizen did it - in style, within only 12 weeks . Her next goal was the Unlimited Dusi, the World's toughest canoe marathon.

Prior to setting up this challenge she had no experience in canoe paddling. In 9 weeks, she not only learned how to handle a canoe, but also how to avoid naysayers and that niggling self-doubt. It's possible. Liezel van der Westhuizen did it and overcame all the odds. During her extreme sport journeys she discovered the strength, often more mentally than physically, within herself, and how to unleash it.

Never Give Up Set your goals, and work at it, each and every day. Don't stop until it is done. Liezel van der Westhuizen will help you find your inner strength and give practical and personal guidelines on how you can achieve your goals, be it mental or physical.

When she's not in the water, or busy with Ironman, Liezel enjoys a bit of extreme mountain biking and road running. She is also an ambassador for charities, an MC for glamorous functions and a much sought after model on the catwalk. She is also listed as one Mail & Guardian's Top 200 Young South Africans.

Discover how you can unleash your full potential. Liezel will take you through the steps to help find your inner strength

Empower our women Women can change the world! It's 2016 and we are still sadly lacking in fully empowering women. Gender bias and discrimination against women is rife. Globally and locally women still represents the smaller percentage in leadership positions. Perhaps key is to understand why it is important to empower women and that it's not simply empty rhetoric.

South Africa's own Iron lady Liezel van der Westhuizen's talk uncovers the importance of female empowerment in an informative and personal way. Having conquered many physical and mental feats, Liezel understands the underlying challenges facing women today.

The Face of Empowerment.

“Around the world 62 million girls are not in school. Globally, 1 in 3 women will experience gender-based violence in her lifetime.”

What holds women back?

Glass ceilings imposed by the traditional workplace are not the only thing that holds women back. It is often self-imposed. An inferiority complex, family commitments and a fear of failure are leaders in this self-inflicted stagnation.

What can Women do to propel themselves and other Women Forward?

Taking the first steps to working your way out of external and internal prejudices, and take a female friend with you on this journey.

With more than a decade of experience, not only in South Africa, Africa but also in Seychelles, Bali and the UK, Liezel is no stranger to the role of Master of Ceremonies, conference moderator and Programme Director.

Embracing the challenges and joys of diversity, her clients have ranged from high-flying financial institutions to tourism boards and sporting brands.

With her infectious energy, sharp wit and panache, it’s no surprise that her work receives consistent rave reviews.

“Liezel was such a pleasure to work with: professional, articulate, inspiring. She really was great” – Bianca Church from Century City Property Owners’ Association.

“By far one of the best MCs I’ve ever worked with, Liezel certainly took the event to a new level” – Sean & the Rainbow Team.

“Liezel was awesome! She just knows our brand so well” – Fatima Borez, Cape Town Tourism.

I would just like to thank you so so much for MC’ing our Mercedes event yesterday. You were FANTASTIC, and I have been receiving rave comments from early morning. Beverley Horrell, Rola Motor Marketing Manager

Liezel was terrific as always. Riaan Kleinsmith, Makro

Always great working with Liezel, thank you for your empowering talk. Mish Hicks (Event Organisation)

Please can you personally pass on my personal gratitude to Liezel, who was the consummate professional and by far one of the best MC’s I have worked with ever. Liezel certainly took the event to another level!!!! Sean , The Rainbow Team

Working with you was one of my favourite things of the job. Caron Isaacs, Associated Media

The event was a great success and Liezel was brilliant, as always! Candice Burgess, Greater Than

Liezel did an amazing job. Jade Campbell, Top Events

Liezel was such a pleasure to work with, professional, articulate, inspiring. She really was great Bianca Church, Century City Property Owners’ Association

Liezel was awesome! She just knows our brand so well. We were exceptionally happy with the gig on Friday, and will be very keen to make use of Liezel’s services again in future, when the need arises. She handled everything superbly. Fatima Borez, Cape Town Tourism

On behalf of the Fearless 14 and the BWA I would really like to thank you for your incredible presentation last night, your energy is infectious . You have set the tone for the FAST TRACK2SUCCESS program and the candidates are super excited and so eager to make it work for them. Your presentation was warm , engaging and filled with the little gems that stick in your mind. You made setting your goals and living your dream something that is so worth the highs and lows along each journey. Thank you from all of us! You are an exceptional BWA ambassador. Cheryl Steyn , Businesswomen’s Association CT

I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you about my experience of working with Liezel as a guest speaker. As you know, we deal with many speakers for our events. The fact of the matter is that each speaker is different and has different requirements. In my 3 years as chair of the BWA, I have never worked with a speaker who has been as professional as Liezel. In preparation for her key note address for RBAA, Liezel asked for and complied perfectly with a brief on what we wanted her to talk on. Liezel also asked for the names of the people who would be at her table and researched each of those people so that she knew their names and a little bit about their business. Given that she sat at a table with our sponsors this went a long way towards impressing the sponsors and making everyone at the table feel welcome. She also went the extra mile and attended the pre-drinks and photo session (even though this was not required of her) and put all the finalists and sponsors at ease. After all of this, she gave a talk which, as you know, was on point and really well presented. I cannot recommend Liezel highly enough as a speaker and I wanted to give you this feedback because I know she is one of your speakers and I am sure that feedback like this is valuable. Robin Hey, BWA

Dear Liezel, we’d like to express our sincerest gratitude to you for joining the OKFD on our island adventure as the master of ceremonies. Your energetic and entertaining contribution to the success of our 2016 Conference in Bali is greatly valued and appreciated. Best Regards OKFD Management

Was really awesome working with you, you did such a great job. Kim Pearce The Insurance Institute of the Cape of Good Hope

Thank you best emcee ever. Sean Hough -Pentravel



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