Kevin Horsley – Mind Power, Motivation, Sales

Grandmaster Kevin Horsley uses leading-edge psychological technology to help companies accelerate learning, improve thinking and create lasting change.  He is an informative speaker who is highly motivational.

Kevin was labeled dyslexic and struggled his way through school, battling to read and even to retain information for short periods of time. It was only after he had left school that he consciously decided to dedicate his time and energy to mental training and self-improvement. It is this decision that awakened a passion within him…

Over the past 20 years, he has been analysing the mind and memory, and its capacity for brilliance. Kevin was able to overcome his learning difficulties through rigorous study of the workings of the brain and of how memory works.

Now he is one of the world’s first five people to have been awarded the title ‘International Grandmaster of Memory’ by the Brain Trust, presented and jointly sanctioned by HSH Prince Philip of Liechtenstein.

Kevin is also a World Record Holder for the matrix memorisation of 10,000 digits of Pi. The matrix record is known as ‘The Everest of memory tests’.

He is a World Memory Championship medalist and represented South Africa twice in London and in Malaysia. In competition, he has achieved the highest ranking ever attained by anyone from Africa and the Southern hemisphere. Kevin has now retired from competition and shares his message and experience with audiences across the country. He is also the author of two books.

The purpose of his speaking and training interventions is to communicate a concise and consistent message that is easy for you to recall and use. His methods inject new life into any information and makes it stick. You will be blown away by how much information you can store quickly, and be impressed by the power of your own mind, when you know how to harness it.

Kevin believes that you can only live information if you can remember it.


Kevin Horsley has the ability to change people’s paradigms forever. His personal life story and masterful memory demonstrations are harsh reminders that radical personal progress is a choice, and that so much is possible through willpower and persistence. More remarkable is the humility and integrity, despite his achievements, with which he interacts with an audience.”  – Louis Fourie, one of the founders of Citadel and the founder of The Logic Filter.

Most Requested Topics by Kevin:

1. Unleash the Power of Your Mind

In the 21st century, learning faster and using your mind more effectively may be the only advantage that you will ever have over your competitors.

In this presentation, Kevin will empower you to realise your true potential. He will impress you with his phenomenal memory, and motivate you with a number of tools and strategies to unleash the power of your own mind. You will walk away with practical tips, tools and techniques that you can implement immediately.

  • Learn how to model excellence to achieve more success
  • Enhance your mental ability, and keep your mind agile and alert
  • Discover accelerated learning principles that make information stick.

Duration options:

45 minutes

60 minutes

90 minutes

2. Creating a Learning & Thinking Organisation

In this fun and interactive seminar, Kevin offers a unique approach to self-development and learning. Through the medium of juggling, you will learn life-changing lessons. You will be given practical tips and tools to help improve your learning ability, creativity and thinking skills.

  • Break down mental barriers and open up new pathways of perception
  • Learn how emphasis on the best process yields better results than simply focusing on the outcome
  • Discover the ten emotions that improve performance and well-being.

This seminar takes the magic and mystery out of success, and teaches fundamentals that will shift your mindsets to renew and reinvigorate your organisation.


Half-day workshop

3. Memory Mastery for the Sales Professional

Would you buy from someone who has to refer constantly to notes and can’t remember your name or the benefits and facts about their own product?

Investing in your memory creates certainty, certainty creates confidence and confidence creates sales.

In this session you will:

  • Develop a deeper understanding of how you remember and how to make things more memorable
  • Learn to remember names with ease
  • Remember sales and product knowledge
  • Learn and remember the seven key questions that every client asks before you make a sale
  • Remember your presentations with ease.

Duration options:

60 minutes

90 minutes

Half-day session for a more in-depth seminar.

4. Where are you going?

Your vision, mission and values consist of shared goals that bring your people together. If your people don’t know your organisation’s vision, mission and values, what is the use of having them? “You can only live it if you can remember it.”

Kevin will use memory and accelerated learning principles to ingrain your organisation’s future plans. A concise, fun, memorable and easy-to-implement message will be communicated.


60 minutes

5. Information Mastery

Through the thousands of hours of education at school and university, not one hour is spent on improving memory, concentration or learning ability. In this full-day workshop, you will acquire tools that will improve your effectiveness and optimise your cognitive ability. The entire day is about exposing you to a new way of thinking. It is about stimulating a new culture: one in which you will always be changing and seeking better ways.

Information Mastery is a dynamic and interactive workshop. It focuses on integrating the latest, cutting-edge learning methods that have been modelled on the world’s best minds in the areas of accelerated learning, speed-reading and memory development. Three key areas that we focus on are memory, speed-reading and organising all types of information.


Full-day workshop

6. Company-Specific Accelerated Training

Does your company have key information that you would like to be ingrained in your staff’s minds? Kevin will create a session that makes any information come to life and stick in the minds of your participants. Using the art of accelerated learning and focused concentration, Kevin will help your participants make more of your content and of their minds.

Duration options:

Time depends on the amount of information that needs to be communicated.


Kevin is clearly an expert in the field of memory. He has shown us practical ways to improve our daily lives, from a personal and business perspective. His comfortable and relaxed presentation style made this session thoroughly enjoyable and I would recommend it to anyone! After attending his sessions we sent our whole company through the same process. Thanks Kevin!” – Anton van Heerden, MD at Softline VIP.

Kevin’s ability to activate people to optimise their potential is the main reason why we use him on our programmes.  His practical approach in supplying tools in a dynamic way ensures that participants have a competitive edge in completing the learning programmes effectively and efficiently.”  – Steve Venter, Operations Manager at Institute for Technology Strategy and Innovation.