Gilan Gork, at 5 years of age, immersed himself in the Art of Magic. His parents owned an educational toy centre and would support his passion by bringing home enormous magic sets from international toy fairs. At first he relied on his mother to help him read up on the magic tricks found in the sets but he promptly maximised his potential by teaching himself to read before other children his age.

At this young age, as Gilan performed for various audiences, he began to note patterns in people’s behavior as well as patterns in the world around him. This start would act as a firm foundation to become an influential Mentalist in years to come, as Mentalism requires experience with people and the world around you in order to read others’ thoughts, influence their actions, predict events before they happen and even move or bend inanimate objects using only the mind.

At 9 years of age Gilan joined a junior fraternity called A.I.M. and started a private mentoring program with one of the country’s most prominent figures in the “Allied Arts” – the President of the Johannesburg Magic Circle.

Gilan’s performances began with charity events from Cotlands to Hospice, orphanages to the aged, to hundreds of underprivileged children who did not speak a word of English – their reactions speaking louder than any words, being the first time to ever witness such miracles.

When Gilan was 12 years old he started performing professionally, replacing his parents’ pocket money with income from shows ranging from family restaurants to kids’ birthday parties, to professional organisations such as Toastmasters

Once his age matched his abilities Gilan was accepted as a member of the Johannesburg Magic Circle, unknowing that he would soon be elected as the society’s Vice-President at the age of 18. Gilan has been with the circle for many years and was the convention convener for the 2008 South African National Championships of the Allied Arts.

Through his personal association with magicians, hypnotists and mentalists from all around the world, Gilan was able to collect gems of wisdom from every field to begin to feed his natural knack for Mentalism. His fascination with this skill grew day to day until Gilan decided to leave magic behind, to specialize solely in Mentalism, and endeavor to use these powers of influence to not only entertain but to also uplift people by demonstrating to them how much potential we all really possess.

Today, Gilan is realising hopes and dreams. He entertains and empowers many people by traveling within underprivileged communities, corporate circles, night-life venues and contemporary events – amplifying the power of the mind, extending human potential, traveling beyond imagination and covering his audiences with his unique atmosphere of entertainment, disbelief, inspiration and motivation. His suave charisma combined with powerful presentation continues to elevate his art of Mentalism to peak performance.