Nataniel-Conference Corporate Comedian

Nataniel-Conference Corporate Comedian was born in the Swartland. He studied music at the Conservatoire of Stellenbosch University. He now looks back on a long list of shows, solo and others and has worked for TV, film and radio.

South-African singer/songwriter/entertainer Nataniël launched his solo career in 1987 with the release of his first single, Maybe Time.

Since then he has released 11 albums, staged more than 40 original theatre productions and published 10 books. View further Comedians

Over the past decade he has not only established himself as producer, director, designer, playwright and public speaker, but as South Africa’s leading exponent of the solo stage act.

Nataniel-Conference Corporate Comedian

Nataniel-Conference Corporate Comedian

Nataniel-Conference Corporate Comedian

An outspoken and controversial figure, he continuously crosses over from the alternative circuit to the main stage, generating extensive media coverage and a massive cult following.

Nataniël records on his own independent label, Nataniël House Of Music

Nataniël’s passion for good food comes from a very young age. Originally inspired by a grandmother with a true love for the kitchen, and later nurtured by his friendships with several South African food personalities and favourite chefs, his cooking and entertainment skills had become legendary.

“Both my life and work have been influenced and changed profoundly by an awareness of those in need.

There is no way we can call ourselves part of a developing society or any spiritual structure if we do not live in constant giving. Follow Speakers Inc on Twitter

The charities I support are not nearly enough, but they do reflect my belief that we need to respect our children and our elders more. I thank you for your support.” – Nataniël

Nataniel-Conference Corporate Comedian

Tech Requirements:

Tech requirements: A good PA system with a good quality mic; good lighting and a stage (if necessary) required …

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